Hymn for Her has been described as “Hell's Angels meets The Amish.”


Singularity goes a long way in this world of sound-alike, look-alike, cloned bands playing formulaic fodder to fill up your Spotify or Pandora station. It's becoming more and more rare to find a band that truly is one-of-a-kind, with a sound that resembles no other. 

Without a doubt, Hymn for Her is hands-down one in a bazillion. I dare you to find another band that even approaches their raw, juiced-up, psychedelic, frenetic blend of country blues and unfettered rock 'n' roll. 

The group that has been described as “Hell's Angels meets The Amish” is actually husband-and-wife duo Wayne Waxing and Lucy Light, who tour the country with their daughter in their Airstream to delight audiences worldwide with their unique blend of country rock and punkish blues. 

Just coming off three months of touring Europe, they've released their 4th album “Drive 'Til You Die,” an appropriately-titled collection of great road songs and tales of adventure. “No Snare Drum Was Harmed in the Making of This Recording” is the disclaimer in the credits, and it's a miracle. Lucy's driving slide on her cigar-box guitar along with Wayne's guitar, banjo and drum work (yes, he plays a stringed instrument at the same time as playing drums) create a propulsive and compelling mashup of musical energy. 

Songs like “Devil's Train,” “Paraguay,” the playful “Hi Ho Silver,” “Acetylene,” and “Milkweed” will keep your dancin' shoes on and your feet moving. But “Drive 'Til You Die” is not without its softer side, with lovely tunes such as “Mazzy Star,” “Seas of Croatia,” “OneBigAchinHeart,” “Shine,” and “The Road Song” giving the album more diversity and a cohesiveness less apparent on their previous efforts. 

With “Drive Til You Die,” Hymn for Her scores again for being an unrivaled band in a class by itself.