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Letters to the editor for April 26

Writer: Vote ‘no’ to new high school

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Saturday 03/14/2015
Writer: Academics should be AU's priority

It’s time to use the brakes

Saturday 02/21/2015
Letters: Auburn should strive to remain 'Loveliest Village'

Two years ago my husband and I spent 23 days traveling throughout many parts of China. In every city in every region, we noticed with dismay many unfinished or vacant high-rise buildings, erected by developers for a fast return on their capital investment and without much thought to the future loss or benefit to the citizens of those towns.

Saturday 02/14/2015
Letters to the Editor: Illegal residents don’t come from Ohio

Illegal residents don’t come from Ohio

Tuesday 02/03/2015
Letter: Guns aren't the problem

In his Sunday letter, Mr. Bennett claims the NRA hides behind: "gun registration leads to confiscation"; but is registration going to stop the problems that we face today where many young people, especially minority youth, use guns to settled their differences?

Letter: Gun incident a stain on a fine school system

As a parent of Opelika City School students – four of them, in fact - I am troubled on many fronts by the recent event of the handgun found on one of Opelika High School’s students. I am very thankful that nothing tragic occurred, yet I am troubled that young men are increasingly resorting to guns to settle disputes in our society.

Letter: Obama's no Winston Churchill

An AP story printed in your Jan. 31 issue had the headline, “50 years after funeral, Churchill towers over UK politicians.” To my thinking, the headline should have read, “Churchill towers over UK politicians — and our present top US politician.”

Letter: Is beauty wholly in beholder's eye?

At 3 a.m. a few nights ago, a man playing with his friend’s drone lost control of the device and it flew off, ending up on the White House lawn. No one was injured, though the Secret Service was understandably concerned. Flying a drone in Washington D.C. is illegal, but a law cannot address all the possible problems, as well as the opportunities, of this new technology. To spell out how drones can be used, where, and by whom, all over America, we obviously need new government regulations.

Sunday 02/01/2015
Letter: NRA should do some ‘soul-searching’

The Opelika-Auburn News reported on Wednesday morning that a 17-year old Opelika High student walked into the school with a loaded pistol in his backpack. Someone heard about this, alerted school staff and, “after a physical altercation took place between the student and administrators, the administrators were able to gain control of him,” and secure the weapon.

Tuesday 01/27/2015
LETTERS: Solar panel charge should be repealed

Reference Alabama Public Service Commissioner Oden’s comments (Jan. 21) on the Clean Power Plan and the grid for distributing electricity.


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