Downtown Opelika welcomes Davis Mann and Co. salon

Claire Davis and Ashley Mann have gone from being coworkers at the same salon, to co-owners of downtown Opelika's newest salon Davis Mann and Co.

Claire Davis and Ashley Mann have a lot in common.

“We both are very driven in our independent business, so we would, of course, get together and talk about work, goals, really what the next level would be,” Mann said. “Not staying complacent behind a chair.”

When the opportunity came to be owners of their own salon in a transitional space, they took it.

“We wanted to provide the same opportunity we had taken by taking ownership of our business and the benefits that our families were able to have through that opportunity and provide it to other people,” Davis explained.

Davis Mann and Co.’s first full day of operation at 227 S. Eighth St. in Opelika was Jan. 2. The owners brought a number of clients that they’ve seen over the years with them to their new venture, and are adding new clientele by word of mouth referrals and social media.

“We’re all pretty established,” Davis said, adding that the salon’s two estheticians are still building up their clientele in town. “We can’t accommodate a high volume of clients, so we don’t do a ton of marketing other than putting our name out on social media.”

When designing the salon’s interior, it was important to Davis and Mann that it keeps the feel of a boutique-style salon with the same relaxing atmosphere.

“It’s always exciting to get your hair done, but then also to have it performed in such a beautiful and unique space, they don’t feel like they’re in Opelika,” Mann said. “They feel like they’re in SoHo, Nashville, Chicago, all these big cities, which wasn’t our intention, but we love that they like what we’ve created.”

All of the salon personnel work different hours, with the exception of Tuesdays. When clients call the salon, they’re able to select their stylist’s line to schedule their appointments. New clients can leave a message describing the service they’re looking for and are assigned to a stylist from there.

This system removes the need for a receptionist and gives the stylists more freedom to schedule their clients in a way that works for them, Davis said.

“A lot of our clientele we’ve been doing for years, so for me, even though I’ve been doing this same client for 10 years, it’s still about that consultation,” Mann said. “‘What did she like, what didn’t she like.’ Because I’m seeing the same people, part of that is maintaining what they love, but also trying to re-create a little bit into changing up their look.”

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