An Auburn retail institution has been welcomed to downtown Opelika with open arms.

Opelika Chamber of Commerce President Pam Powers-Smith is glad to have Dayspring Nature Shop in the city.

“So many people from throughout the area pass through or near our downtown every day, so I think (its) new location is a nice fit for our community,” she said.

Dayspring Nature Shop and a few other businesses along Opelika Street had to move last year when the Auburn property they leased was to be redeveloped by developer McWane Inc.

New owner Cheryl Brooks has actually been part of the Dayspring family since her first time working there at the age of 19. She even still has the Champion juicer she bought years ago from the shop.

“Dayspring has always been that family-owned business that you always feel so welcome when you walk in, so I just wanted to continue that tradition,” Brooks said.

After falling in love with the shop and its products years ago, she said that coming back to it “reignited my passion for the health- food industry.”

The shop has variety of options to help customers make healthier choices — everything from organic food to frozen items to lotions and even herbs.

“If they have high blood pressure, we’re able to help them do things to help them bring it down. If they have diabetes, we’re able to help them get that under control with the herbs, vitamins and foods that we have,” Brooks said.

Brooks is quick to add that every case is different; however, when people start embracing a healthier lifestyle and using the shop’s products, they have been known to see the benefits soon afterward.

Outside of organic food and health supplements, the shop also carries a number of holistic health products. There are rings and bracelets made from copper, which can help with arthritis, and a variety of alternative healing crystals, each with different potential benefits.

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