"The Longest Day" is an Alzheimer's Association event that happens yearly on June 21.

The Alzheimer's Association event "The Longest Day" is a DIY fundraiser event where participants can pick an activity of their choice to participate in. The event takes place on June 21, 2019, but does not limit itself only to this day as it can be done any day that time permits the week of.  This event happens yearly, on the longest day of the year, known as the summer solstice. 
The event website is act.alz.org/TLD. On this website, participants can find out more about how to register, and the website also provides ample information about the event details, and how to get involved. It is an event that anyone of any age can participate in while doing an activity that they love. This event helps to raise funds for research, as well as awareness throughout the community. Our phone number for the Alzheimer's Association in Birmingham, AL is 205-379-8065. The Alzheimer's Association is an accredited charity, and 77% of the funds raised by participants goes towards research funding, while 17% goes to fundraising, and 6% to administration. 
This year, help be the light that can outshine the darkness of Alzheimer's disease.


"The Longest Day"

2151 Highlands Ave S
Birmingham, AL 35205


Emma Morgan