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Is the Holy Land’s ‘Blessing Herb’ an
Answer to Today’s Health Prayers?

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What’s in your medicine cabinet?
What if you could replace
the pills you take for sleeping,
losing weight, digestion, sneezing and runny nose, joint pain,
headaches, elevated blood sugar
and high blood pressure, cold
and flu relief, and low energy
and fatigue, with a single, 100%
natural capsule?
Thanks to breakthrough technology and a legendary medicinal
plant from the Bible, you can!

Ready to Feel Like a
Million Dollars?

Using advanced, Nutratechnology, scientists have
succeeded in isolating and
ThymoQuin3CP, the miraculous, do-it-all
active ingredient found in the
kalonji plant, one of the most
revered of all healing plants.
Like the plant itself which
boasts more than 300 documented uses to human health,
this new, concentrated form of
ThymoQuin-3CP also promises
equal versatility, holding center-stage in top research facilities
with more than 50 clinical trials
investigating its properties.
While users report, “It makes
you feel good, all daylong,”
here’s what the research says.

Opens Airways, So You
Breathe Deeper

A pharmaceutical research
journal study showed that
ThymoQuin-3CP-rich kalonji
oil reduces airway inflammation
and encourages easy breathing.
A study on people with allergies
published in the American
showed that it reduced nasal
congestion, itching, runny nose
and sneezing.

Organic, Non-GMO Purity

Walk, Jog, or Workout?

Researchers began an
advanced, non-GMO breeding
program to perfect a ‘super’
form of kalonji, producing a
ThymoQuin-3CP content that
was “off the charts,” more than
two to three times the normal!
They took extra care in extracting the precious active ingredient, relying on a proprietary
cold-press extraction technique
that meticulously squeezes every
drop of healing power.
The company’s care in
producing unmatched pharmaceutical-quality purity is a
difference users like Dee F.
can feel almost immediately.

However you like to exercise, this remarkable substance
may also help make your heart
A study in the International
Journal of Preventive Medicine
shows that ThymoQuin-3CP
and exercise, improve lipid
levels, balancing cholesterol and
triglyceride levels better, than
just exercise alone.

Supports Normal
Blood Pressure

Adding ThymoQuin-3CP to
your diet may also help normalize
your blood pressure, too.
In a study published in
Phytotherapy Research, taking
ThymoQuin-3CP for two months
effectively balanced blood pressure levels in healthy volunteers.

Promotes Healthy
Blood Sugar

ThymoQuin-3CP may also
help balance blood sugar levels,
according to a study in the
Indian Journal of Physiological
Research suggests the compound
may help the body reduce glucose
absorption in the intestine while
supporting insulin production in
the pancreas.

for Joint Relief

With twice the anti-inflammatory punch of the powerhouse,
curcumin, this stronger form of
ThymoQuin-3CP, (available in
the nutritional supplement,
ThymoLife), promises lasting
relief for sore backs, aching
knees, hips, wrists, hands, and
shoulders. But this natural
medicine does much more.

Mentally Alert & Clear

Is It the ‘Holy Grail’ of Natural Medicine? With more than
300 documented applications to human health, the legendary
kalonji plant may be the ‘Holy Grail’ of natural medicine.
Medicine from the Bible
Slips Under the Radar

The concentrated form of
ThymoQuin-3CP in ThymoLife
is sourced from one of the few
evidence-based medicinal plants
that have slipped under the
government’s regulatory radar.
Extensive preclinical, animal,
and clinical research has been
conducted on ThymoLife’s
potent form of ThymoQuin3CP, which is still available
without a doctor’s prescription.

Divine Healing Power?

Word is spreading among
older adults and retirees.
Maria G. from Miami, Florida,
has finally found her key to
shining health.
“I love this,” she says laughing.
“I feel like it was definitely made
by God himself.”

Best Sleep of My Life

“My blood sugar levels have
never been better, and I’ve been
able to sleep like a baby since
I’ve been taking this. My hair
has gotten thicker, too!”

“Within an hour of taking this,
I felt a shift in my body,” smiles
Dee F. “There is something very
powerful about this. I have
more energy, I sleep better, and
I think more clearly, and I feel
more alert than ever before.”

Scientists… to the Rescue

Convinced the unique plant
compound, ThymoQuin-3CP,
could be the ‘holy grail’ to human health, and aware that
unchecked inflammation in the
body was the trigger-point for
disease, Tri-Nutra’s scientists set
about unlocking Nature’s most
closely held healing secrets.
They were guided by a
bold mission statement, “We
endeavor to eliminate all disease
and extend human lifespan
by normalizing and restoring
inflammatory pathways in the
Here’s how they did it.

Americans are discovering
true self-healthcare with an
amazing, do-it-all miracle
plant from the Bible. “You
feel good all day long, no
matter your age!”

He was also pleased to learn
that ThymoLife is manufactured
at a GMP-certified laboratory in
the US.
“I was not disappointed,” says
Earl. “I am feeling better and I
have more energy than I have
had in a long time.”

Good-Bye Aches and Pain

Jan A. calls ThymoLife’s
formula, ‘God’s elixir.‘ She had a
serious car accident that left her
wracked with pain.
“After taking this for just
two days,“ says Jan, “my neck,
shoulder, arm and hand pain
almost completely went away!
This meant I was able to get a
full night’s sleep without being
restless and uncomfortable.”

Experience ResearchStrength ThymoLife

ThymoLife® contains the same
ThymoQuin3CP used in research studies
worldwide, and is the only highpotency form of ThymoQuin3CP available today.
Call 1 (800) 204-6107 now to
see how you can reserve a free
supply .
ThymoLife comes with
a 90-day, industry-leading
satisfaction guarantee, so you
can experience its long-term
results risk-free!
Call 1 (800) 204-6107 now
while supplies last.

Fuels Energy You can Feel!

Earl L. was willing to try
ThymoLife because it is nonGMO and cold-pressed, which he
knew insures maximum potency.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ThymoLife is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results may vary from person to person.

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