A Sydney-based Brewing company is working to develop a beer bottle that will allow astronauts (or anyone in zero gravity) to enjoy a cold one.

A collaboration between the brewing company and a space engineering company, Saber Astronautics, is working to make drinking beer in space a reality. 

Beer is difficult to drink in space because of the bubbles, sodas have the same problem. The first challenge for any space beer is to reduce the bubbling just enough for an astronaut to enjoy a drink while it also not tasting like a flat beer, aka terrible. Frozen beer cubes were experimented with in the past, but were not very popular. The current method for drinking liquids in space is with a squeezie box and draw, like a Carpris Sun. But no one wants to drink beer through a straw. That’s humiliating.

In an interview with Gizmodo, Saber Astronautics CEO Jason Held expressed why creating a beer that can be enjoyed in zero-G is so important. "People are going to bring alcohol to space anyway, so its better to know sooner rather than later.”

NASA does have a “no alcohol policy,” but other countries do not. Held stresses that the space beer is intended for off-duty leisure activity.

AKA, getting space-wasted. 

So how does it work? "There is a special device that uses surface tension to wick the beer from the bottom of the bottle to the mouthpiece," Held explains. "The drinker then drinks pretty-close-to-normal just like they would on Earth."

Held says that this could work with any liquid in space. "I would use the space bottle any time I want to drink something without using a squeezie bag or a straw," Held says.

The research team is looking at one year to perfect the technology. And by technology, they mean a beer bottle.

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