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Brian Stultz, left, an Auburn graduate who now lives in Chicago, was shown in Budweiser's Harry Caray calling the Cubs World Series win that debuted after the Cubs beat the Indians on Wednesday night to win the World Series.

The Chicago Cubs made history last week, winning the World Series for the first time since 1908 with a dramatic, extra-inning win over the Cleveland Indians, 8-7.

Shortly after the Cubs raised the trophy, and put to rest the curse of the Billy Goat, Budweiser came out with a commercial that quickly went viral of longtime, but now passed, Cubs radio announcer Harry Caray “announcing” the Cubs winning the World Series.

Footage of the commercial was shot in Chicago, around the stadium, and inside Harry Caray’s Steakhouse in Chicago. It also captured Auburn graduate Brian Stultz not once, not twice, but three times (50 seconds, 1:10 and 1:20).

“I watched the commercial and started crying,” Stultz said. “I’m not going to lie. My emotions have been a little fragile the past three or four days.”

Stultz, a lifelong Cubs fan from who moved to Chicago after graduating from Auburn in 2015, knew the crews were filming, but for what he was unsure, he was just sure it was a crew from Budweiser. He said the production team had made attendees sign release forms and notices were put on the doors.

After a night of celebration in Chicago, Stultz caught a few hours of shut eye. But he had no idea what he would be waking up to.

“I woke up after about four hours of sleep and my Facebook wall was filled with it. I think I had 97 notifications. I had 114 texts (Thursday) morning and it was either ‘Congratulations!’ or ‘Hey, you’re famous!’” It was pretty funny.”

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