The Banditos

The Banditos

The Banditos, a self-proclaimed “gang” of misfit musicians, will headline a holiday show at Standard Deluxe in Waverly on Friday.

Joined by B.B. Palmer and Brett McDaniel, The Banditos will gather on the stage at Waverly for the third time, delivering their signature, back-country sound.

After months of touring and weeks of writing, the sextet has a few more notches on their belt (and a second Banditos album on the way).

“We’ll always remember the days of just being at my house and writing daily,” said Steve Pierce, banjo player and vocalist for the Banditos. “We talked a lot about missing things and not missing things from being on the road so much, and that comes through in our music.”

Their first self-titled complete LP was released in 2015, and Pierce admitted that "Banditos 2" sounded like a reasonable name for a follow-up record.

“Names for the record are still in the works,” Pierce said with a laugh.

Originally formed in Birmingham, the Banditos moved to Nashville when they began to collect a fan base. The six band members lived under one roof for an entire year, writing music and experiencing the city. The band later pieced off and settled in different cities, reuniting for shows, tours and days in the studio.

Pierce, a forever fan of the Opelika area, moved back to Lee County.

“It feels like a homecoming,” Pierce said of playing shows in his home state. “I get warmer anytime I hear about an Alabama show.”

Pierce went on to talk about the familial nature of the their Alabama fan base, how friends and kin will travel across the state just to gather and enjoy their music with them.

“It’s really special to get to play cool shows like Waverly,” Pierce said. “It’s a state of mind, not a place. Everyone talks about wanting to find a place to play shows like this, that feels like home.”

Waverly hosts Standard Deluxe Inc., the venue of the Banditos Dec. 17 show. A modest fenced-in lot, with a small grassy knoll, a makeshift stage of scuffed wood, and a hut housing their extensive selection of band and personal merchandise (most famously, their professionally crafted concert posters), Standard Deluxe epitomizes the down-home hospitality of Southern music and culture.

Raw and humble presentations of art ring true at every Standard Deluxe event (the most popular of which is their 280 Boogie). Like the Standard Deluxe website claims, “it just accurately reflects the musical diversity of the modern South.”

“[Events] like this, and just rock ‘n’ roll are incredibly important,” Pierce said, “Because people need to get freaked out and get in the street and be weird for a while.”

Joined by local country musicians Brett McDaniel, who boasts influences of classic, honky-tonk legends like Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, and B.B. Palmer, a folk troubadour with a cowboy style, Pierce and the Banditos promise to bring a good time and quality tunes.

“If you had a great week, [live music] amplifies that. If you had an awful week, it’ll wipe the slate clean,’ Pierce said. “What we want to do is let people have a good time.”

Tickets are $15 at the gate. For more information, visit

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