Mike and the Moonpies

Mike and the Moonpies will be one of a number of acts to perform at Standard Deluxe in February. (photo credit: mikeandthemoonpies.com).

If you live in the Auburn/Opelika area and have not been to a music show in Waverly you are missing out.

Where is Waverly, you ask? About 15 minutes from the Auburn/Opelika area off of Hwy 280 N. Featured in this miniscule town is Scott Peek’s screen-printing shop Standard Deluxe.

For the last 26 years, Peek has been printing t-shirts, among other items, for musicians, businesses, and, really, anyone who wants it done. In fact, Standard Deluxe prints wedding invitations, and Peek holds weddings and receptions at the same land and house that he hosts live music at. He started hosting live music at a house on one of his personal plots of land through the musical connections he had made at Standard Deluxe.

Peek said music means a lot to him and was part of his childhood, and it means a lot to him to keep live music available and appreciated.

You may have heard of the “280 Boogie,” which happens every April, and now in the Fall as well. The Boogie started as a celebration of Waverly not being destroyed by highway construction back in 2000, and it has continued on since, hosting bands, bringing music lovers together, and, even more so, bringing the community together. Look for this year’s Boogie on April 22!

January is almost over, but February is chocked full of Waverly entertainment, each week of the month. This is incredibly exciting, because Peek does not get to book that much live music back-to-back.

“If people keep supporting us, maybe we can keep it going and do a show every weekend,” he commented. “A lot of times, we won’t make money on the music – we’ll sell shirts that night. Every scenario is different.”

One thing you can be sure of – the musicians that Peek books and the people who attend the shows are there for the love of music. The venue is very casual and intimate, you can bring your own drinks, and there is food from various chefs and caterers who work off of tips alone and are looking for some publicity. Not often will you find a venue with so much to offer for so little the price. So, let’s look at who will be performing in February:

Feb 3rd - Gaelynn Lea

Gaelynn Lea will be kicking things off with her classically-trained fiddle music. She has been playing fiddle for 25 years and is the winner of the 2016 Tiny Desk Award. She will be joined by Troy-native Perry Brown, who is no stranger to the Waverly stage. Another thing to know about Gaelynn Lea—she speaks on disabilities at her shows and about “overcoming challenges.” She has osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bones disease. Tickets are $12 each.

Feb. 14 - Will Johnson

This will be Johnson's fifth Valentine’s Day in a row playing in Waverly with his "folk-and-Americana" style. He will be joined by Early James and the Latest, who opened up the Fall’s 2016 Boogie.

Feb. 19 - Mike and the Moonpies

Austin's Mike and the Moonpies will be bringing their own original style of country music to the stage, but do not shy away from the classic country songs during a set. Locally-known BB Palmer will be joining them.

Feb. 22 - Robert Ellis and Courtney Hartman

Robert Ellis and Courtney Hartman will take the stage to round out the month. Ellis has played in Waverly several times, and has opened up for acts as large as Paul Simon before. Hartman is a flat-picking guitarist who studied at the American Roots music program at Berklee College of Music. Tickets are $20 each.

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