Curtsy, an app that allows you to rent other’s clothes, arrived in Auburn in August. The two directors who brought it to Auburn, Sydney Pearl and Annie Roundsaville, wanted to give the Auburn community the opportunity to both make and save money by renting dresses. Curtsy provides a platform to “discover dresses near you”.

The app enables users to browse posted dresses from girls on their campus, saving money when they need dresses for functions such as formals. The app launched in Ole Miss, and has spread to campuses all over the country.

“I saw a post from a student at Ole Miss, so decided to check out the app. I thought it was a really cool thing to have on college campuses because girls buy so many dresses that they only wear one time!” said Roundsaville.

Curtsy is a service to rent dresses locally, avoiding costs for shipping. Curtsy is different than other dress rental services because the borrower sets the pick up date and time of the dress.

“The reaction in Auburn has been awesome! We have had hundreds of downloads and a lot of rentals for game day and date nights!” said Pearl.

 Many students have joined the Curtsy Movement since its arrival in August, but, as more users join, the more dresses will be available to rent. Auburn has a great market for this service, and through awareness of the app, hopefully more students will join.

“Signing up is so easy! You can put as many dresses or rompers on as you want. You don't have to have dresses on the app in order to rent, anyone can rent,” said Pearl.

 Curtsy allows users to set their own prices for renting, but most average around a $30 rental fee.  This cost is a fraction of what most will pay for a new dress.

“The cool thing about Curtsy is that if something happens to your dress, they will cover the cost. So no need to worry about ruining your nicer dresses!” said Roundsaville.

Curtsy ensures this by charging a $5 flat fee from the renter to cover potential damage to the dress. For dresses that look good and help the wallet, Curtsy is the best way to browse other women’s closets. Shop on Auburn students!

For more information, download the app, or visit the website

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