Well, it’s almost here. The start of another comic book movie summer season kicks off with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 this weekend. James Gunn’s space opera staring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, and Bradley Cooper will feature the team of misfits saving the galaxy once again in another colorful adventure. This time the stakes are even higher… probably. It’s unclear how the stakes can get higher than the galaxy…the universe?

One of the unanswered questions in the first Guardians was Peter Quill’s (Chris Pratt) supernatural lineage. Kurt Russell will be added to the cast list this go around, portraying the powerful entity EGO, Quill’s estranged father. What will the Guardians get themselves into this time? Hijinks, a bunch of hijinks.

As mentioned previous, Guardians 2 kicks off a pretty impressive summer of comic book movies. No seriously, not only will this summer feature the first standalone female superhero film in Wonder Woman (unless you count Halle Berry’s Catwoman-which I do not), but Spider-Man’s first full-length film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes with Spider-Man Homecoming.

May 5: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 

June 2: Wonder Woman 

July 7: Spider-Man: Homecoming

And if we include Logan along with the comic book lineup for the rest of the year, 2017 looks to be pretty exciting.

September 22: Kingsman: The Golden Circle 

November 3: Thor: Ragnarok 

November 17: Justice League

If all the movies on this list are good, it would be a legendary year for comic book movies. Unfortunately, that can’t be possible, right? Some of these movies are going to have to be disappointing. In 2016, we got a classic in Captain America: Civil War just in time to wash the taste of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice out of our mouths. So, history has shown us that at least a few of these movies are probably going to be bad. Let’s just hope it’s not going to be Wonder Woman. DC really needs a win here.

It is safe to assume we are currently living in the golden age of comic book films. If you are someone who grew up reading comic books, then this is wonderful time to be a fan. It is also, however, a little frightening. How long can all this last?  Films like Captain America: Winter Soldier, Deadpool, and Logan are breaking conventions just enough to shake up the genre. Bringing in fresh blood like Benedict Cumberbatch will also help to reintegrate the public’s interest. It’s only a matter of time, however, before comic book movie fatigue sets in, and this all goes away forever, right?  

I know what you’re thinking. Maybe we need to stop complaining, and just enjoy this moment. It’s like when you’re on a great vacation, and while you’re sitting on the beach sipping a pale lager by a Mexican distributer, you keeping thinking to yourself, “Man, in a couple of days I’ll have to leave this place and go back to work.” Instead, we should stop worrying about the future and enjoy the present.

Early review for Guardians 2 are looking positive - Gunn has already signed up to direct a third. Even if this film doesn’t live up to the original you can bank on two things: 1) It is going to be funny. 2) It is going to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Isn’t that all you can ask of a Marvel film?

Nope, we want them all to be amazing.

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