Kylie Jenner released a new photo of her daughter, Stormi (we will get to the name in a minute), on Instagram, and everyone is saying it has broken the internet. The internet is broken. Don’t even try to use it until someone fixes it.

The new mom now has the most-liked photo on Instagram…ever.  Almost 14 million likes were accumulated with the public’s first look at Kylie's new baby girl. The photo features Stormi (I said we will get to it) grabbing her mom’s thumb. The picture is so adorable many are saying it broke the internet. How will it ever be fixed?

The woman famous for being the half-sister of a woman who became famous for being the daughter of a man who defended O.J Simpson, racked up another 60 million views on her confirmation video she posted on social media.

The attention given to the photo might have been contributed to the fact that Kylie has been very quiet about her pregnancy. She kept the pregnancy on the down low, as no one says anymore.

The 14 million likes broke the old record set by Beyonce. Her announcement post on Instagram acquired 11.2 million likes back in 2017, you know, back when she broke the internet. Remember when the internet was broken in 2017? The internet is very fragile. 

“Pregnancy has been the most beautiful, empowering, and life-changing experience I’ve had in my entire life and I’m actually going to miss it,” Kylie wrote in an official announcement. “I’ve never felt love and happiness like this I could burst!”

Kylie named her daughter Stormi (I told you we would get to it). Of course, Twitter has had a little fun with the name. The Cosmopolitan created a list of some of the best comments and memes. I don’t know why, it’s a completely normal name.

Many suspected that Kylie was going to name her daughter “Butterfly,” because Kylie left several butterfly clues during her pregnancy. A November photo featured her wearing a pink diamond butterfly ring while also getting a matching ankle tat, according to People.

But no, she went with Stormi, a popular name as of late. It was only a month ago that that the president’s alleged mistress Stormy Daniels became a household name. 

The now infamous Stormy Daniels did issue a warning to Kylie Jenner about the name choice. “I will say congratulations and I wish her all the best,” Daniels told TMZ. “And hang on to you heart because little girls named Stormi are known to cause trouble.”

I’m sure that’s what Kylie wants to hear.

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