The Dish J.O.E.S.

Pictured is “The Godfather” sandwich with a side of pasta salad J.O.E.S. Deli and Grill.

Ask anyone who knows me, and there is one thing everyone will agree on: I’m a workaholic. And it’s bad. There’s no cure. It is who I am. I’ve accepted it.

Because of my slight need to work 24/7, more often than not I work on my breaks, especially lunch. My shifts are all over the place, so when it’s the acceptable time to each lunch, I need to start, or continue my work day. So finding places that I can get a good and fulfilling lunch, with a good atmosphere, that provides wifi, well that’s the recipe for a happy workaholic Dana.

My new spot that fits that bill? J.O.E.S. Deli and Grill on the corner of Glenn and Dean.

First thing you notice when you walk into the deli and grill is the huge selection that they have, which has breakfast sandwiches, as well as cold and hot sandwiches, soups and salads (hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.). You can’t miss the selection because it’s on four huge chalk boards as soon as you walk in.

I love sandwich shops that have the black chalkboards with the menu. Don’t ask me why. It’s something I find to just work.

Now, sometimes for me, too much selection is bad (I’m that indecisive eater. You know the one I’m talking about). But once I narrowed down what I was in the mood for, I landed on “The Godfather” — which is ham, salami, mortadella, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayonnaise and Italian dressing — also known as your classic sandwich for an Italian girl like me.

The sandwich came on a white roll (more than a six inch, less than a footlong), which was so soft I could have just ate bread for lunch. The meat was overflowing on both sides, but unlike some places, it didn’t intimidate me or make me feel like I couldn’t eat it. I actually ate it just fine. It wasn’t messy, and it didn’t fall apart — a big deal in the world of sandwiches.

Every sandwich comes with kettle chips, which I upgraded for a side of pasta salad, which was good. Not your classic pasta salad, but a more mayonnaise-based one. Topped off with a fountain drink and my total was about $13. But considering I left more than full, and I could refill my pop (not soda) on the way out made it worth the price.

For anyone wondering, the price of sandwiches ranges around $7 to $8, with a more than $8.

There were about three other sandwiches I wanted to try, and I haven’t even looked at the salads or soups, which pretty much guarantees me a trip back to J.O.E.S., but there’s another reason I will be coming back — the atmosphere.

The music was set to a local station, but just loud enough to hear it but people could have a great lunch conversation. It would be perfect for a casual/lunch meeting or someone like me who can’t turn the computer off to even enjoy lunch without being “plugged in.”

Then there is the writing on the wall — literally. Mike and Tom, the owners and brothers, have their history of the restaurant displayed for all to see. The restaurant is named not only after their father, Joe, but the first letter of each off their children’s names — Jackson, Olivia, Emma and Sophia. While that caused an “awe” moment for me, I then turned around and laughed with the directions to the bathroom that said, “men to the left because women are always right.”

Who can turn down a restaurant that displays that?

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