Torch 85

Pictured is the “Poor Man’s Breakfast” from the Torch 85 Restaurant. The breakfast comes with two eggs, choice of hash browns or home fries and a biscuit or toast.

The Torch 85 Restaurant on Wire Road offers a quick place to grab a filling but cheap breakfast.

As a journalist on the go, it can be tough to get the most important meal of the day – breakfast. So I thought I’d break out of the fast food routine and try someplace different.

I took a trip down to the Wire Road exit on Interstate 85 to give the Torch 85 Restaurant a try. Truck stops like  Torch 85 are interesting places with a mix of locals and strangers.

The restaurant is a no frills place with simple tables and décor that is showing its age.

Most of the patrons seemed to be truck drivers catching a bite to eat before getting back on the road, but there were a few tables with groups of people talking who seemed like regulars.

The breakfast menu had more than a dozen varieties of omelets and different combinations of traditional breakfast options with eggs, pancakes and grits.

I opted for the “Poor Man’s Breakfast” because of the aforementioned journalism career choice thing. It came with two eggs, choice of hash browns or home fries and a biscuit or toast. I went with scrambled eggs, home fries and a biscuit.

Service was fast with my food arriving very quickly. The food was good, not great but better than any fast food option.

The restaurant as a whole had an aged and used appearance that added to its character. The main drawback however was the remnant smell of years of cigarettes smoked in the restaurant still lingering lightly in the air. Of course, that smell, in its own way, can bring up a certain level of nostalgia for someone who remembers the early ’90s in Alabama when smoking was still allowed in every restaurant.

The drawbacks aside, my final bill came to $4.72 including the price of a drink. Any fast food restaurant will find that tough to beat.

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