OAN_0804_FD The Dish Jim Bob's Chicken Fingers

Pictured is a Chicken Finger Plate and jalapeno bread from Jim Bob’s Chicken Fingers.

Because of my journey to and from work, I’m often near Jim Bob’s Chicken Fingers on Frederick Road. It always seems to have a steady flow of customers. After eating there this week, now I know why.

The restaurant has a lot of seating. It’s bright and clean with Bible verses mounted along the back wall. But if you'd rather not get out of your vehicle, I saw a drive-thru on the way in.

The person at the cash register was friendly…and patient, since I hadn’t quite decided what I wanted when I went to order. In addition to chicken fingers and wings, the restaurant serves burgers, catfish and shrimp. There’s also chicken salad, chicken wraps, jumbo salads, starters and sides and desserts. I was deciding between the catfish and chicken fingers, but settled on the chicken. But since the chicken tasted so good, I’m going back for the catfish.

My chicken plate, which I ordered fried, came with five chicken fingers, fries, slaw and toast. But I added a jalapeno cornbread. I was as surprised to see jalapeno cornbread on the menu as I was to see catfish, so I wanted to try it. And it was excellent. The heat from the jalapeno doesn’t hit you at first, but it does hit it you. It’s not too hot, or I wouldn’t plan on ordering it again. I really enjoyed it. As I did all my food. The special sauce didn’t taste like it was standard sauce either.

The cost of my plate, with the additional cornbread, was $9.62 with tax. The person at the counter asked me if I wanted the cornbread instead of the toast, so that’s an option. But I wanted to add the cornbread to the chicken plate.

Now that I’m in the know. I’ll probably get two jalapeno cornbreads.

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