OAN_0223_FD The Dish Pannie-George's Kitchen

Pictured is fried chicken, collard greens and mashed potatoes with gravy from Pannie-George’s Kitchen.

I’m a Southerner, so Southern food is near and dear to my heart. And that fondness is why I visited Pannie-George’s Kitchen in Auburn this week.

I got to the restaurant just after it opened, and it already had a number of customers standing in line.

It’s a nice place, plenty big to accommodate a large number of diners, but I was getting my food to go. Still working on not eating on the go so much, but I’ll get there eventually.

As you walk up to the counter, you let the staff member know what you’re going to have and then pick your dishes. I chose a meat and two vegetables and wanted fried chicken, collards greens and mashed potatoes, adding gravy to the potatoes.

It was good food, especially the fried chicken. Seriously good fried chicken. And my meal, which included a drink, cost $8.77 with tax.

If you love Southern food, Pannie-George’s Kitchen is definitely worth a visit … actually, more than one visit.

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