Wonton soup

Wonton soup and grilled chicken spring rolls from Pho Lee are shown.

I’ve been feeling under the weather lately and ended up spending a sick day home this week, so I saw this as an opportunity to try two things that are new to me. This being Pho Lee and TigerTownToGo.

The way the restaurant works with the delivery service is like an organism in complete and perfect homeostasis.

The delivery service, TigerTownToGo, gives you a list of local restaurants on its website, which are some you may not normally consider for delivery such as Acre, Popeyes, Momma Mocha’s and other grub venues.

I selected Pho Lee – a Vietnamese restaurant located in the shopping center on the corner of East Glenn Avenue and Dean Road. It caught my eye when it first opened in 2014 while I was still a student at Auburn University and has been on my list of places to try ever since.

Also, the restaurant’s phrase is “Eat healthy, live longer.” What better place to get food when you’re fighting sickness then, right?

After choosing a restaurant, I was given a selection of menu items.

Most of the main dishes, at a quick glance, for Pho Lee appear to range around $10-$15.

I, however, picked out two appetizer options because I couldn’t decide what main dish I wanted: wonton soup ($6.33) and grilled chicken spring rolls ($5.45).

After completing the order, it’s like any other delivery food service: wait until it arrives – therefore maximizing herbal-hot-tea drinking and cat cuddling potential.

The estimated time for delivery was about 45 minutes to an hour, which isn’t bad considering the process involved and the distance from my apartment to the restaurant. And honestly, it didn’t seem that long before my friendly delivery person was at my door step with my precious parcel in hand.

For an appetizer size, my soup was plenty. I estimate there was about 1 cup of broth and about four wontons (I totally started eating them before I remembered to count).

Despite having traveled at least 15 minutes from the restaurant to my home, it was still very warm and did not leak or spill during transit. In other words, effective packaging!

The spring rolls came along with a side of peanut sauce. And to describe the rolls in one word, they were refreshing.

The two spring rolls were also pretty decent in size. Having read a few online reviews, portion sizes don’t seem to disappoint, and I can provide additional testimony to that.

All in all, I was pleased with the entire transaction. Next time, I definitely plan on visiting the restaurant in person and trying either the vegetable and tofu pho or the seafood pho.


EMILY ENFINGER | eenfinger@oanow.com

Wonton soup and grilled chicken spring rolls from Pho Lee are shown.

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