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Shrimp tacos with chips and salsa are served at the new Skyline Cafe in downtown Auburn. (Kara Coleman/

This week, I decided to grab lunch at Skyline Café, which opened earlier this month in downtown Auburn. I had no idea what to expect when I strolled down East Magnolia Avenue and stepped into the restaurant, but what I found was a fresh fusion of Asian and Southwest cuisine.

Skyline Café offers a variety of tacos, burritos, salads and more, along with an extensive drink menu including coffees, smoothies and bubble teas.

I ordered the shrimp taco plate, which included two tortillas stuffed with grilled shrimp, coleslaw, avocado, mango and cilantro, drizzled in a yellow boomboom sauce. At $9.50, not including a drink, the shrimp taco is in the same price range as lunch at a casual Tex-Mex establishment like Chipotle or Moe’s and comes with an order of chips and salsa on the side.

The sprouts and chunks of avocado on the taco provided a fresh crunch with each bite, while the shrimp and sauce added meat and flavor to the dish. The salsa on the side was more onion-heavy than I prefer, but overall, the meal was a nice shakeup of the typical lunch places I visit.

Prices on Skyline Café’s menu range from $7.50 for a chicken sandwich or pork sandwich to $10.50 for a burrito or poke bowl with salmon, tuna or shrimp. Customers who want more of an Asian fusion dish can order the eel burrito, which includes smoked eel, rice, mixed greens, cucumber, mango, seaweed, avocado, carrot, sesame and a teriyaki glaze sauce, for $9.99.

All burritos, tacos, sandwiches and salad wraps are served with chips and salsa on the side.

For patrons who are seeking fruity fare, the restaurant offers “smoothie bowls,” a natural fruit smoothie base topped with fresh fruit and nuts.

Skyline’s atmosphere compliments the light, fresh feeling its menu provides. The dining area is wide open, with enough tables to accommodate a large crowd, but with plenty of space to maneuver between tables. We ordered and paid at the counter, but a waiter delivered the food to our table.

Kiosks with sauces, napkins, lids and straws are set up on each side of the restaurant, so that patrons are close to these necessities regardless of where they sit. The scenic murals on the burgundy walls make the space cozy and prevent it from having a wide-open cafeteria feel.

And of course, large windows in the front of the building allow customers to look out on the bustle of downtown Auburn as they enjoy their fresh eats, or sip on a smoothie or bubble tea to go as they continue to shop (and eat) local. 

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