I’m not a “foodie,” but I do consider myself something of a barbecue connoisseur. The smells that emanate from barbecue joints – whether big chains or hole-in-the-wall smokehouses – make my mouth water. So I was irrationally happy to discover a new place to add to my favorites list. But this…

Googly eyed and radiating a semi-enchanting sense of scripted passion, the Latino soap opera stars locked lips and expressed their eternal devotion to one another on a TV mounted inside El Potosino Grill.

This week, I decided to grab lunch at Skyline Café, which opened earlier this month in downtown Auburn. I had no idea what to expect when I strolled down East Magnolia Avenue and stepped into the restaurant, but what I found was a fresh fusion of Asian and Southwest cuisine.

For me, some of the best places to eat at are the ones that are kind of hidden and may be overlooked if not observing carefully. Gohyang Garden Korean Restaurant is definitely one of those hidden gems.