dating scheme

"Okay, part of me knows this is a trick, but another part of me wants me to take the risk."

Looking for love on the internet can be a risky endeavor, especially when no one on the internet is who they say they are.  

Two San Francisco teens are accused of posing as women looking for dates then robbing their dates when it was time to meet up, according to

Nazario Cruz and Jose Urias would pretend to be a promiscuous woman whose fantasy is to have sex while rolling around in cold hard cash. You would think that most people would pick up on this obvious robbery set-up, but it’s pretty clear that most men will fall for anything if sex is promised.

When the dates would arrive at the meeting spot with the cash, police say the suspects would rob the dates with a gun. Unfortunately, these dates didn't bring protection. Well, at least not the protection they actually needed.

One victim even stole $2,000 from his job in order to have the cash to roll around in, which is the definition of irony. Well, probably. No, one really knows the definition of irony (which I'm guessing is pretty ironic). 

Police eventually arrested the two along with a 19 year old female for alleged robbery.

What's the moral of the story? Stay away from online dating, OR at least don't bring  your life's savings on the first date. 

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