It was the idea of doing things differently that first brought Auburn Realtors Nonet Reese and Tricia Peterson together as business partners.

When the two met they immediately recognized they had similar interests & saw some of the same challenges in the real estate development and sales community. “We started talking about how we could improve things and what could be done differently. We had a vision of what we wanted and started to feel like our vision was consistent with the trends of the new normal in real estate, development and building," says Peterson. It was from this conversation that Three Sixty, a full service real estate and development firm, was born.

Since its inception in 2009, Three Sixty has consistently searched for new and innovative ways to incorporate technological innovation into work processes. Their team atmosphere, passion for a paperless office and the evolution of the firm’s website are just a few ways this company is working to make sure their client’s home buying experience is as efficient, effective and enjoyable as possible. It is this innovative mindset that makes Three Sixty a leader in providing superior service to clients and helps create an inspired workplace for their staff.

From the beginning they have been mostly focused on Central/ East Alabama - full service activities in the Opelika/Auburn area, in addition to land acquisition for builders ranging from Valley, AL to Pike Road, AL to Prattville, AL. - but now with the addition of a new team member dedicated to market analysis and development coordination, they are expanding their focus to a statewide reach.

This clever structure is a recipe for success! In just four short years, Three Sixty has worked on approximately 20 developments with multiple builder/developers, and grown from an office of 5 to a team of eighteen, including 15 sales people, a team support professional, a design professional and a development strategist.

Regardless of how much Three Sixty expands, the heart of it will always be in Auburn. “Auburn is our home and we love it,” says Peterson. “We both are very passionate about our community, and we think it is a wonderful place to live and do business. We are lucky to live in a place that has a strong small business community, great leadership and a growing economy. And we want our vision to be part of the future of Auburn.”

To get to know the Three Sixty team visit their new website!

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