Bombay Indian Grill brings some spice to the Auburn food scene

The chicken curry with rice from Bombay Indian Grill in Auburn.

I’m admittedly not a very adventurous eater. In fact, I only have a handful of restaurants I like to go to and even each of them only have one menu item that I order.

With the community being as diverse as it is, restaurants in the area have to accommodate flavors for different tastes and palates. From Chinese, Mexican, even Korean barbecue, not only is there something for everyone, but your new favorite dish could be from a whole other culture. It was that logic that brought me to Bombay Indian Grill in Auburn.

Despite my pickiness, I’ve always maintained an open mind when it comes to trying food from other cultures. Admittedly, chicken curry has been the lone item on my food bucket list for a long time. Flavored with a careful mixture of spices, it’s an essential Indian dish.

I’m no stranger to spicy foods, but when a dish has a little bit too much “kick” to it, you start thinking more about your burning mouth than how the food tastes. Thankfully Bombay Indian Grill, as well as most other Indian restaurants, can cook their foods according to how spicy the customer wants it.

Deciding to play it safe with a mild level of spiciness, I was not disappointed. Served with white rice, the chicken curry was a great balance of tangy, yet sweet thanks to some of the sweeter spices used.

I also ordered a side of naan bread, which provided a perfect light, starchy contrast to the richer curry.

The chicken curry, side of white rice, order of naan bread and drink only set me back about $17, before tip.

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