Bruxie offers tasty chicken sandwich

The Crispy Chicken & Waffle Sandwich from Bruxie.

Before this week, I’ve never had a chicken and waffle sandwich. Honestly, I’ve only had chicken and waffles (not in sandwich form) once, or maybe twice, so it was past time to expand my taste buds.

Enter Bruxie. A visit to the Auburn food truck’s Facebook page let me know where I could find it for lunch and dinner and gave me a look at its menu.

I knew I wanted to order one of its chicken sandwiches, but I didn’t make my final decision until I was standing in front of the food truck. I decided to get the Crispy Chicken & Waffle Sandwich.

The sandwich is made up of its “original seasoned fried chicken,” shredded romaine, tomato, pickle and Bruxie Sauce and served on a “freshly baked savory waffle.”

The first bite I wanted to have was the chicken. I felt it needed to be good, and it was. Quite good in fact. I really liked the seasoning. Then I tasted everything together. The savory waffle combined with the chicken and Bruxie Sauce pulled it all together.

I was impressed with the sandwich, so much so I want to have it again. But the Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwich sounds good too. The chili honey and cider slaw on that sandwich has me intrigued.

After my meal, I know I’ll be checking the food truck’s Facebook page often.

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