Delicious stuffed cookies from O Town

A Reese’s Cup Stuffed Cookie and a S’mores Stuffed Cookie from O Town Ice Cream in Opelika.

Stuffed cookies are my new favorite dessert.

And that thanks to O Town Ice Cream in Opelika. I tried them this week for my latest food review.

I saw a picture of the shop’s stuffed cookies on its Facebook page, and if they tasted as good as they look, I was in for a treat.

O Town had S’mores Stuffed Cookies and Reese’s Cup Stuffed Cookies available when I came through the drive-thru. How could I not order one of each?

The cookies, which are made in-house, were rich and delicious. It was hard to pick my favorite one, but the Reese’s had a slight edge. They were also pretty big.

Don’t worry. I didn’t eat both cookies in one sitting. Remember, I said they were rich, so I saved some of each for later. That meant I got to enjoy them a second time that day.

If cookies aren’t your thing, O Town, of course, sells ice cream, but other menu items include Italian ice, sandwiches, a soup of the day and drinks. It also offers specials.

It’s a great local shop that’s worth a visit.

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