Auburn nutrition

Butterfinger shake from Auburn Nutrition. 

If you know me even a little bit, then you know that I love healthy foods and health food stores.

Living in the South makes it hard to find quick, healthy breakfast options, especially since I don’t like eggs.

I found myself craving something healthy to eat for breakfast following the Opelika Christmas parade last weekend, but where would I go?

Lucky for me, a new nutrition store, Auburn Nutrition, opened up in Auburn serving up healthy protein shakes and teas.

Each shake sounds like a dessert but only is 200-250 calories per shake, and each one has 24-27 grams of protein, which is a bonus.

The shop was relatively empty when I arrived, which was a good thing because I had no idea what shake I was going to order.

Choosing between banana pudding, peanut butter cup, white chocolate snickers, cookies n cream and numerous other shake flavors was a major challenge.

I ended up choosing the Butterfinger shake, which was $8.

Oh, did I mention that you also get to pick toppings?

So once my shake was made, I had another difficult task — what toppings do I get.

I ended up settling with non-dairy whipped cream on top of an already large-sized shake that looked amazing.

After the whipped cream was added, I grabbed a straw as fast as I could because I was so excited to take my first sip.

My first sip of the shake did not disappoint. It tasted like I was drinking a dessert milkshake.

It was the perfect consistency, not too sweet, and I could barely taste the protein powder that was in the shake.

Honestly, I want an endless supply of Auburn Nutrition shakes now.

You will 100 percent find me at Auburn Nutrition again following my weekend workout sessions.

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