Good Karma serves good food

Chicken tikka masala, naan bread and a Vegetable Samosa from Good Karma in Auburn.

It was a long time ago in a land far, far away (when I lived in the United Kingdom) that I first had Indian cuisine. It was in this lovely restaurant in the town I lived in, one that was quite popular.

I was learning about my dishes as I ate, and it remains one of the best meals (and neatest experiences) I’ve ever had. I also became a fan of Indian food.

Fast forward to this week’s food review when I tried Good Karma. The food at this Auburn restaurant of “Indian Inspired Eats” will be something I want to eat again and again.

I ordered Good Karma’s Naan Entree. With the entrees, you choose your protein and your sauce and, of course, this particular entree comes with naan bread. My protein was chicken, and my sauce was tikka masala. The restaurant offers other entrees as well.

I also decided to get a side and went for the Vegetable Samosa. Other sides are available, which include naan bread and garlic naan bread.

When I lifted the to-go lid off my chicken tikka masala, it smelled amazing. After the first bite, I torn into the rest of it, using my naan bread of course, which was equally good. The sauce was fantastic. I even used it on my Samosa, which was substantial, by the way.

I knew I was going to order the meal again after I finished. But the Basmati Rice Bowl Entree is also on my list.

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