Ming House

Steak hibachi with veggies and rice from Ming House in Auburn.

When I was a student at Auburn University, I used to love one specific food truck, because it sold hibachi.

The combination of noodles, steak and yum-yum sauce made any day better in my opinion.

So when I recently tried Ming House on South College Street, and saw they had hibachi, I was pretty excited.

Ming House is a Chinese restaurant with your typical favorites: Mongolian beef, orange chicken, egg drop soup — all the regulars.

The hibachi, however, was a great treat to find on the menu. I ordered steak hibachi with veggies and rice, and of course, yum-yum sauce.

In my opinion, hibachi without yum-yum sauce is not worth eating. Though, to be honest, Ming House’s seemed a bit spicier than I’m used to.

Some people prefer spice; I do not. My tongue is weak and so I prefer little to no spice. The sauce was still good, though.

The steak and rice was good, though the meat was a little dry.

I typically prefer noodles, but I have tried the noodles at Ming House before: not my favorite. The rice and steak combo was great, though!

To complement my food, I also ordered a side of crab rangoons.

Crab rangoons are a personal weakness of mine. My favorite Chinese place I’ve ever experienced is in Birmingham.

I hold all Chinese restaurants to the standard of that restaurant in Birmingham.

Ming House’s crab rangoons were delicious, though I typically prefer them on the sweeter side.

These tasted a bit more savory than sweet and could have used some more cream cheese in the center.

Overall, though I felt there could have been improvements, especially where the steak was concerned, Ming House is still one of my favorite Chinese spots in Auburn.

I recommend giving it a try.

(Also, in case any of you were wondering, here was the fortune from my fortune cookie: No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.)

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