Great sandwiches at Irish Bred Pub

The Shannon Chicken Sandwich with homemade chips from Irish Bred Pub in Opelika.

Probably like many, I do love a great sandwich. And for this food review I was on the hunt for another one.

I found one such sandwich at Irish Bred Pub in Opelika.

The downtown restaurant offers a number of sandwiches on its menu. From reading their descriptions, I figured I couldn’t go wrong, but my eye kept moving back to the Shannon Chicken Sandwich. It’s grilled chicken breast, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayonnaise and avocado on a toasted Kaiser roll.

The sandwiches are also served with a choice of beer battered fries or homemade chips.

I nixed the onion on the Shannon Chicken Sandwich and chose the homemade chips.

Since I got my food to-go, I didn’t take a look at my meal until I got back to the office. The first thing I said when I opened my box: “That looks good.” And it was.

The grilled chicken tasted great. In fact, all the ingredients worked well together, especially the avocado and bacon. It was definitely a winner. I’m glad I ordered it. The homemade chips were also nice, and there were plenty of them.

With tax, my order was $9.81. A good price, I thought. Count on me to order this meal again.

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