Kabuki hits all the marks

Spicy shrimp roll from Kabuki Steak House in Opelika.

A good sushi bar is hard to come by, so when you find one it’s important to spread the word. That being said, I would like to say that Tiger Town’s Kabuki Steak House is a great sushi bar.

Not only does the restaurant itself have chic, modern Japanese steakhouse ambiance, but the menu is definitely up to task. Featuring various type of cooked and uncooked rolls, guests can also take their pick of a variety of hibachi options.

Hibachi cuisine is known mostly for its chefs, who do intricate flips and tricks with their cooking utensils (and sometimes your food) with all the ease of turning the page of a book. From using spatulas to toss shrimp into a guest’s mouth, to making miniature volcanoes of onion slices “erupt,” you get dinner and a show.

For my first trip to Kabuki, I decided to try something from both the restaurant’s areas of expertise: an order of steak hibachi along with a spicy shrimp roll.

Even though I made my visit during the peak of that day’s lunch rush, I was promptly seated and had my order taken in under 10 minutes. I opted not to sit at one of the hibachi stations where the chef prepares your meal in front of you, but my plate’s presentation was just as nice.

The hibachi meal came with a side of fried rice and stir fry vegetables, with an additional bowl of miso soup. The portions weren’t extravagant, but rather balanced each other out. However, when my spicy shrimp roll was brought to me, I was almost too full to eat it.

Having just been put together at the sushi bar, I could rest assured that my sushi roll and its ingredients were fresh. Plus, the presentation of that plate wasn’t bad either.

The steak hibachi, sushi roll and soft drink brought my meal to a total of $19.46, before gratuity.

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