There’s nothing better than a good cup of tea on a cold fall morning in my opinion.

This weekend’s weather had me craving some good tea and fall-themed treats.

Lucky for me, I had time to kill while getting an oil change in Opelika and could make my dream of drinking delicious tea a reality.

I recently discovered that Whimsy, a mobile drink bar, opened a storefront in downtown Opelika. I loved visiting the mobile location and was eager to try the new permanent location.

The store wasn’t hard to miss once I began walking closer due to its pink and white exterior. Once I walked into the store, I was greeted with friendly faces and discovered the cutest little coffee shop.

My boyfriend accompanied me on my trip to Whimsy and, although I loved the inside of the shop, he described the inside as “an Instagram girl’s dream.”

Both of us had a hard time deciding what to order. The menu featured numerous coffee and matcha tea drinks, including matcha with MCT oil and coffee with CBD.

I ended up deciding to order the Fruity Pebble Matcha with a pumpkin streusel muffin.

The drink is made with Whimsy’s specialty blend of matcha, house-infused mylk and coconut sugar with fruity pebbles on top.

My boyfriend ordered the Mile High Club, which is organic coffee, coconut butter, CBD, raw honey and hemp milk.

Whimsy proudly claims it uses all-natural and high-quality ingredients. That statement is reflected in its prices.

My total for the tea, the muffin and tip came to just over $17, very pricey in my opinion. However, I don’t mind treating myself once in a while to high-quality treats.

It didn’t take long for our order to come out.

Let me tell you, the Fruity Pebble Matcha looks like something that came right out of the Instagram of an influencer. It looked and tasted amazing.

Now for the muffin… oh my goodness it was one of the best muffins I have ever had. It was light, moist and slightly sweet. I could have eaten 10 of those muffins that morning. It was so good.

My boyfriend also highly enjoyed his coffee and still talks about how good it was to this day.

Overall, you can bet that I will return to Whimsy’s new storefront location when I’m ready to treat myself again.

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