Midday snack at Freeze Yogurt Bar

Yogurt flavors lemonade whip and classic tart with sliced strawberries and chocolate chip cookie dough toppings from the Freeze Yogurt Bar in Auburn.

I understand that frozen yogurt isn’t something you’d typically treat yourself to in the winter, especially considering the amount of rain we’ve had in the area lately. But a craving is a craving, and as such must be satisfied.

Frozen yogurt, for me, combines the flavor of creamy frozen treats with the fun of random toppings making for an enjoyable moment of childlike joy. To find my little pick-me-up, I went to Freeze Yogurt Bar in downtown Auburn.

Overall, the bar’s menu features a number of fro-yo flavors with tart, creamy and vegan options serving four different flavors each day. If yogurt isn’t your thing, there are also acai bowl and smoothie options.

I chose two flavors on the day of my visit, lemonade whip and classic tart, with sliced strawberries and chocolate chip cookie dough bits for my topping.

The serving sizes aren’t named according to the amount of frozen yogurt they hold, rather just as numbers, so I settled with a snack size cup three. With my two flavors and two toppings, my order came out to $8.

Though both flavors had their own tartness, I genuinely couldn’t taste the difference. As far as flavor is concerned, I can honestly say that I’ve had better. The saving grace for my midday snack was the cookie dough bits.

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