Opelika’s newest coffee shop, Ristretto Lounge, has been the talk of my friends. I’d been excited to check it out for days.

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a coffee fanatic. In fact, I prefer coffees that are stronger with less sweetness. Some of my friends are what I like to call “milkshake coffee people” — the type of people who don’t even want to taste the coffee. I love to taste the coffee, but I’m not good at ordering fancy drinks.

So when I walked into Ristretto I wanted to order something that I felt would give both coffee experts and coffee amateurs an accurate representation of the new shop.

First off, let me say that the barista was incredibly kind. He answered each of my questions with patience and humor.

I decided on a latte, but chose not to add any flavoring. I wanted to see how the coffee tasted on its own.

Unlike some places that have pretty bitter or burnt-tasting coffee (looking at you Chick-fil-A and Starbucks) without any flavoring, the coffee itself was great.

Just because I chose not to add flavor, however, doesn’t mean there aren’t great options for those who want a little sweetness.

I also added a chocolate muffin to my order because, well … who doesn’t love chocolate?

Ristretto Lounge is open concept when you first walk in the door — high ceilings and lots of sunlight. The spot was great for sitting with a book, getting some work done or chatting with friends. As I waited for my coffee, the barista told me there was also more space upstairs.

The space upstairs was a bit removed and the perfect study spot. You could still hear the music from downstairs, but it was definitely quieter.

Overall the space was very nice, the coffee delicious and I look forward to seeing how Ristretto is welcomed into the community.

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