Those of you who are loyal readers will remember about our staycations – those times when you like to stay home or at least in your home area and celebrate a holiday or event.

That's exactly what we did with the time around Memorial Day. Let's take a look at some of the things we made at home during that time.

Breakfast is a rare happening at our house. It usually features orange juice - a great brand called Natalie’s. There may be coffee – it's usually Starbucks Verona – but I have lost my taste for coffee this year. Even the smell doesn’t thrill me right now. I do still brew it for Aimee.

There's no better candidate for a special time at the beginning of summer than a well-made sandwich. We made sure to have our share. A tomato sandwich was the first. It's hard to get better than that. It sure was good.

We had a nice, thick burger with sharp cheddar and bacon, plus a slice of ripe tomato. It was one of those where the juice leaks out on your hands – in other words, it was just right. And we had a hot dog with olive salad and cheese, just like a New Orleans muffuletta. Combined with some Zapp’s chips served on the side, it was a real treat.

We had steamed mussels for lunch. Gosh, they were amazing. This huge bowl of shining black wonders was covered with chopped garlic and parsley. Served with thick crusty bread and lots of rich broth, it was a visit to a Paris bistro on a warm afternoon.

Dinner was a fine roasted pork rack, coated with paste made from mustard and rosemary and served with baked tomatoes, heavy with fresh basil.

We also picked up some tasty takeout. One was a 16-inch pizza from Johnny Brusco's that flowed out of the box. It was real New York style and quite rewarding. An Italian sandwich from Marcos hit the spot for a late lunch. All we needed that night was a plate of cheddar eggs, and those special ones I get from Dean Hornsby were perfect.

When I am lucky, there is roast chicken on Friday night. That's exactly what I got. It was a three-pound bird from Sanderson Farms. My Instacart shopper Deidra, selected it just for me. Roasted with fresh thyme, salt and pepper, it was so succulent.

Our pasta night was linguine sauced with tender shrimp and lemon butter. It’s hard to get better than that.

We made an interesting dinner out of what we had on hand. So, it was oysters wrapped with smoked salmon, lightly sautéed and splashed with white wine. A few mushroom caps and prosciutto made for fine accompaniment.

On Memorial Day itself, baby back ribs brushed with a sauce from Rufus Teague hit the spot. All we needed was sweet corn and plenty of time to enjoy.

Some mighty nice wines made these find foods even better. Reds from Lockwood, Joseph Phelps, Estancia, Rosemount, Alderbrook and Guenoc were sure good. A pair of rosés did their part. Kerner was an interesting white wine. Others were a Godello, and blends from Caymus and Chateau Garabond.

The best was a Muscadet paired with those mussels.


Staying home proved to be a winner. There was plenty of good food and wine, and some nice music added to the experience. I’m ready for the next one.

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