Homegirls Jamaican Grill

A jerk chicken lunch special from Homegirls Jamaican Grill in Opelika.

I’ve had the good fortune to visit Jamaica twice. It’s an amazing place, and I plan on going again someday.

This recent heat spell even took my thoughts back to the island country.  I wondered if the heat in Alabama was close to what I felt on an a particular day in Jamaica, a heat that propelled me into the resort’s pool. I’m non-swimmer (never got around to learning), so I’m hardly in a pool. But I was that hot.

This week’s food review took me back to Jamaica for one of the reasons I loved it – the food. Homegirls Jamaican Grill is a new Opelika restaurant located in the USA Town Center. It says it’s the first Jamaican restaurant in Opelika.

I went during lunch, so I opted for the jerk chicken lunch special, which was $6.95 before tax. All the plates - the lunch specials, small plates and large plates – include your choice of rice, an additional side and fried plantains.

My meal was lovely. The jerk chicken took me back to Jamaica. It was spot on, as was the fried plantain. In fact, one of the women of  Homegirls is from Jamaica.

I chose white rice and sweet potato soufflé as my sides. I could have one of two gravies with my rice, of which I said yes. I devoured all of it. And I bow to the family member’s sweet potato soufflé recipe. It was so delicious.

Homegirls Jamaican Grill’s menu includes curry chicken, jerk pork, oxtails, curry goat and Caribbean Riblets. You can also get Jamaican Bottle Sodas.

Homegirls Jamaican Grill is definitely worth a visit. I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

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