Insomnia Steak & Grill

Homemade hummus and baba ghanouj from Insomnia Steak & Grill in Auburn.

Ever since I studied abroad in Greece, I constantly look for authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food.

I found myself craving some homemade hummus and baba ghanouj this week, so I decided to try Insomnia Steak & Grill in Auburn.

The restaurant serves a variety of food ranging from the typical Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods, such as kafta kabobs and gyros, to American foods, such as French fries and hamburgers.

I ordered my dips, which both come with a side of warm pita bread. In total, the two dishes added up to about $10.

When I was handed the bag, I could tell the pita was freshly heated because the warmth it radiated. I was too excited not to take a bite of the bread that I opened the package in my car and tasted some of the best pita bread I have head outside of Europe.

Once I got home, I dove into my food. For those who may not know what baba ghanouj is, it is an eggplant-based dip, while hummus is a chickpea dip.

Insomnia makes both of these items with tahini sauce (ground sesame seeds), lemon juice and garlic. They both looked very similar, but the baba ghanouj has little flecks of purple from the eggplant in it.

Since I ordered take-out, the dips came in Styrofoam containers. Both dips also had a banana pepper and black onion on top along with what I believe to be paprika.

I opted to try the hummus first. In my opinion, there was too much olive oil used in it because it was soupier than I am used to. However, the baba ghanouj was spectacular. It has just the right about of seasoning to make it creamy and delightful.

Personally, I would go back to Insomnia for the pita, baba ghanouj and other Middle Eastern fare but not the hummus.

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