Bow and Arrow

A three-piece catfish meal and a small Ralf’s Salad at Bow and Arrow.

Being from the north and Catholic, there is nothing I love more than a fish fry on Friday’s during Lent. So once I heard an area barbecue restaurant was having a fried catfish special on Friday, I knew it was fate.

Bow and Arrow typically only serves traditional barbecue fare, however, they have begun experimenting with the menu, adding different specials such as fried chicken, mac ‘n cheese smoked sausage, red beans and rice and, of course, fried catfish.

Most of the specials the restaurant makes are posted on its Instagram page. Luckily for me, I follow them on Instagram and was tipped off to the fried catfish special the day before.

I made sure I got to the restaurant early to try the fried catfish special. It was the day of the Sweet Sixteen, and I couldn’t miss a moment of the game.

Bow and Arrow had the option of three pieces or six pieces of catfish. I opted for the three-piece meal and a small Ralf’s Salad with poblano ranch dressing on the side. I also had the choice of adding a piece of homemade bread or tortillas with my meal.

Since I am trying to be healthy and the fish was fried, I passed on the bread and decided to load up at the condiment bar.

The total cost was a little less than $15, not a bad price considering the salad was larger than I expected and the pieces of fish were rather large.

I decided to get some white barbecue sauce to dip my fish in. It was probably the best decision I made that evening. The fish was crispy and flavorful. Once I added the sauce into the mix, it was like what I imagine heaven to be like.

I had only planned on eating two out of the tree fish strips, but it would have been a waste to leave just one, right?

The salad was also fresh and the poblano ranch dressing did not disappoint. I would have loved to bottle it up and take it home with me.

After eating this meal, I hope Bow and Arrow will decide to have a fried fish special every Friday. It was that good.

You will definitely find me here again, especially if they post another tempting Instagram post such as the Peanut Brittle Crunch Doughnuts they had on special recently.

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