Steel City

A Vanilla Bean Pop customized with a “dip” of dark chocolate.

It’s hot. I guess I’m not telling your something you didn’t already know, but still … It’s hot.  

So this week’s food review took me to a place who’s menu can cool you down – Steel City Pops.

It was my first time to try this pops paradise, and I must admit that I reveled in making my choice. Should I get one of the Fruity Pops or Creamy Pops? Maybe I should try one of the Cookie Pops. There are even Paleo Pops available.

In the end, I went with creamy and ordered a Vanilla Bean Pop and decided to customize it with a “dip” of dark chocolate. The other ways to customize are “dredge,” “drizzle” and “dust.” And there are a list of ingredients you can use to customize.

I thoroughly enjoyed my pop, so much so that I wondered what took me so long to try the place. There are a lot of choices at Steel City Pops, but since I love all things – or at least most things – vanilla, I decided to go that route. And I hadn’t had a chocolate dip in forever, so that was a must too.

My pop, with the additional cost to customize it and with tax, was $5.31.

Since my visit, I’m ready to try more pops. How could I possible pass up the Cookies & Cream?

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