The Thin Mint Bread Pudding from Acre in Auburn.

If you asked me a week ago if love at first sight is real, I would have told you no.

But my heart has changed.

I didn’t know I needed something so intensely until my co-worker showed me a photo of a new dessert served at Acre restaurant in Auburn, made from the essence of one of the most coveted cookies that winter has to offer – the Girl Scout’s Thin Mint cookie.

This dessert is Thin Mint Bread Pudding, and it’s available until their cookie supply is gone.

Imagine if the Thin Mint cookie grew up, went to college and got a nice-suit kind of job after graduating, but lives in a developing art community, and spends the weekend caring for orphaned kittens and teaching school children how to ride bikes.

That’s this dessert. It’s the same friendly cookie you’ve always known but a little more sophisticated.

The bread pudding itself it the perfect amount of chocolate with just a hint of mint, and it’s served with minty ice cream.

The portion is perfect to share, or to keep all for yourself.

Now, the bread pudding was the main attraction to my visit to Acre. I didn’t eat dinner there – I had my first-ever Big Mac prior – but I have only heard good things about their lunch and dinner menu.

My goal for that evening, however, was the dessert.

With that being said, I must admit that I also ordered a slice of their peanut butter pie.

A friend of mine joined me, and we both shared both dishes. Both were excellent, but I think we both favored the bread pudding – we are both extremely biased toward Thin Mint.

So if you’re a Thin Mint fanatic, I would suggest getting a plate of this bread pudding while you can.

I have seen on social media that the restaurant has experimented and served other Girl Scout cookie flavored inspired desserts, so it would be worth keeping an eye out for different treats and flavors.

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