Auburn Popcorn Company

Caramel-, birthday cake- and kettle-flavored popcorns from The Auburn Popcorn Company.

There are some snack foods that can also go in that comfort food category. Popcorn is one of those foods.

But what’s really cool is when you can flip the script on a food and still maintain that comfort. The Auburn Popcorn Company has done that.

The shop on North College Street in the heart of downtown Auburn offers an array of popcorn flavors. I smiled when I saw the dill pickle flavor. I do like pickles, but I also like caramel, which was one of the flavors I ordered.

I rounded out my selection with birthday cake and kettle. (I’m going to have to try that dill pickle one day.) I selected the smallest bag for each, called the Freshman. The bags go up in size as you move to graduation – Sophomore, Junior, etc. Don’t worry. I plan to share my bounty ( wink maybe).

The popcorn tasted as promised. My favorite was the caramel, but birthday cake and kettle were good too. With tax, the cost $10.34. Not bad.

If you are in the mood for more, The Auburn Popcorn Company also offers different flavors of fudge and ice cream. I was tempted to get some fudge to pack away and eat later, and the outside temperature had the ice cream beckoning me when I walked in the door. But I decided to save those for another day.

The Auburn Popcorn Company will see me again. There’s more to try. 

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