Eden Cafe

A medium latte, double chocolate muffin and sausage kolache from Eden Cafe in Auburn.

I kind of have a thing for coffee. To say it’s one of my favorite drinks is an understatement.

However my affinity for coffee doesn’t mean I enjoy every establishment’s coffee. But when I do, the shop is quite a nice find.

Enter Eden Cafe on South College Street in Auburn.

This new cafe, located in Tiger Crossing Shopping Center, offers hot drinks, iced drinks, blended drinks and food. And the dizzyingly number of flavors you can choice from is impressive. (A look at Eden’s online menu says its coffee is “100% Organic, Rainforest Certified, Dirty Nekkid coffee.”)   

I ordered a medium latte, adding a vanilla flavoring; a double chocolate muffin and a sausage kolache. A kolache, courtesy of online dictionaries, is a sweet bun made of yeasted dough with a filling. The cost, with tax, was $12.75. Pretty fair price.

My latte was good, as were my chocolate muffin and kolache. I don’t normally go for double chocolate anything, but this muffin was really nice. I’m glad I ordered it…and the kolache.

Eden Cafe has a lot a space. There’s a small stage where bands can perform, board games along the wall that people can take down and play and even a room with a pool table for those so inclined. And that’s not everything.

It’s a very inviting place, and the staff is extremely helpful.

Eden is definitely worth a visit.

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