Tiger VR Cafe

The Mongolian rice and beef plate from Tiger VR Cafe in Auburn.

I have always loved Chinese and other Asian foods. When I was a kid, my favorite restaurant pick was P.F. Chang’s (original, I know). Now, whenever I come home to visit, my family picks up Chinese from my favorite restaurant a few minutes from our house.

So when I thought about ordering from Tiger VR Cafe, I was nothing but excited.

I ordered my food online and was given a wait time to pick it up of about seven minutes, which is about the distance they are from my apartment.

Looking over the menu, I honestly had a difficult time deciding what to try. I finally settled, however, on Mongolian rice and beef, crab rangoons and an item I was unfamiliar with, an Asian hash-brown.

When I arrived at the cafe, my food wasn’t quite ready, so I took a seat at a table. As I looked around, it finally dawned on me why the name was Tiger “VR” Cafe. There in the corner was a full body VR rig!

Guests could pay to have up to one hour in a VR experience - right at the restaurant. Though I didn’t have the time, I probably would have been nervous to try it anyway, though I will admit the concept is cool.

My food was handed to me, and let me say, I was excited.

When I opened the packages, I was stunned by how much they had given me for the price. The Mongolian rice and beef had been a $6 plate, but it could have easily fed another person (or two in my case). Split between two people, the price was very reasonable.

With all of my sides, however, the total came a little over $18. That’s mostly because I was being selfish and wanted all the goodness to myself, though.

Cream cheese crab rangoons are one of my favorite sides to order - so much flavor and sweet too. So when I saw that there were six included, I was excited. The first time I wouldn’t have to share my rangoons.

Finally - the Asian hash-brown. Although not as crispy as Waffle House’s, it was full of flavor! Onions, green onions and potatoes made for a very delicious concept.

I will definitely be visiting Tiger VR Cafe again, especially with the amount of food I can get for the price, and next time I may venture to try one of their many milk or fruit teas!

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