The Breezeway Basket with grilled chicken from The Breezeway in Opelika.

Like most Southerners, I love fried chicken. And also like most Southerners, I’ve loved fried chicken the majority of my life.

My affection runs so deep that when fried chicken is an option on a restaurant’s menu, I almost never order the grilled version. For this food review, I made an exception, and I was still a winner.

I decided to go The Breezeway in Opelika. The downtown establishment has a great hometown feel about it, and when I was there, it had steady business the entire time. That’s in addition to the people already sitting at tables.

I ordered the Breezeway Basket. It comes with five fingers, which the menus says you can get “hand breaded and fried” or “marinated a minimum of 24 hours and grilled,” fries, slaw and Texas Toast.

My meal also came with a dipping sauce, but the grilled chicken tasted great without it. The seasoning was just right. I still used the dipping sauce with the chicken, but mostly with my fries. The coleslaw was nice too and wasn’t an afterthought, which I appreciated.

The cost of my meal, along with the drink I added, was $11.21. Pretty good, especially with the amount of food I received.

The Breezeway will see me again. There’s more on its menu I want to try, but it will be hard not to order its grilled chicken.

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