An Italian Panini from Luster, which located inside Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art in Auburn.

Luster is the new name of the café inside Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art in Auburn. For this week’s food review, I decided to check out the new menu.

I should really say “this week’s new menu” since the menu changes each week.

Proof of the Pudding and Ross House Coffee handle the fare at Luster. It’s a lovely place to sit down and eat. Extremely relaxing, and who doesn’t need that. But I also saw a person getting her food to-go after I arrived.

The menu offered a Fall Salad, a smoked turkey wrap, an Italian Panini and potato soup. I felt like a sandwich, so I narrowed in on the turkey wrap and panini and went for the panini. The sandwich description was sliced ham, salami, arugula, sliced tomato and pesto aioli. It was also served with chips and a pickle.

I enjoyed my panini. The pesto aioli was nice touch in addition to being delicious. I really thought it brought everything together. I also noticed the thick slices of ham on the sandwich. In fact, I enjoyed the whole meal. With tax and with the soft drink I ordered, my cost came to $11.50.

As I was leaving, I almost ordered a dessert to take with me to eat later, but decided it could be a treat for when I come back. Because I will be back.

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