House made Italian classics at Esposito’s

The House Made Burrata at Esposito’s Italian Bistro in Auburn.

Nothing is better on a cold, rainy night than some Italian food.

This past Saturday’s weather had me craving delicious Italian food. Visions of bread and olive oil danced in my head for most of the day.

I finally decided to give in to my craving and stop by the new Italian spot in Auburn — Esposito’s Italian Bistro.

Esposito’s is tucked next to Halftime on College Street. It recently opened, and I figured I would give it a try.

The restaurant boasts using locally sourced ingredients in its dishes. Esposito’s also serves brunch on the weekends.

I found a seat at the bar and decided to just get an appetizer because I wasn’t overly hungry.

Figuring out what to order was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make that day.

The menu offered dishes such as bruschetta, Salumi e Formaggio, flash-fried artichokes and Italian seafood stew.

What caught my eye was the House Made Burrata, which is an Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. The inside is super creamy and amazing in every single way.

After placing my order, I was brought rolls with olive oil to dip it in. The olive oil had a pile of cheese in it, a bonus in my opinion. The rolls were equally delicious once I took a bite.

It didn’t take long for my burrata to be brought to me. The plating of this dish was beautiful. It was almost too pretty to eat.

But, alas, burrata is too good to waste.

The burrata was served with fresh local honey, fresh basil, prosciutto and watermelon.

Let me tell you, it was amazing. The burrata was delicious, and it paired perfectly with each of the other ingredients on the plate.

I wanted to lick the plate clean when I was finished.

The total of my meal was $14, which is a little pricey in my opinion. However, when you factor in the dish is made in-house and the ingredients are locally sourced, the sticker price seems more reasonable.

After eating that burrata, I can tell you with full confidence that I will be back in the near future for more.

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