The Dish: Fusion

Fusion has all kinds of asian and chinese cuisine, including pad thai. 

If you’re read any of my previous food reviews, you know I’m a fan of Asian/Chinese cuisine. Fusion is a popular downtown spot that I’ve been hearing a lot about, but hadn’t yet had the opportunity to try.

This week seemed like the perfect opportunity to get some Pad Thai and crab rangoons.

Thankfully, Fusion is on Door Dash. Typically I go into a restaurant to get food, but Door Dash was offering me a free delivery, so I figured, why not? Ultimately that’s what led me to choose Fusion in the first place.

Based on how good it was, however, I will definitely be getting it again soon.

I ordered it with beef, rice noodles, peanuts, the works.

I had never had Pad Thai before and it is definitely interesting — but I can say I’m a big fan.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for their crab rangoons. This may be a personal preference but most of the crab rangoons I have had tend to be on the sweeter side, and that’s the way I like them. These, however, were on the sour side.

Don’t get me wrong, I ate them all, but they aren’t my favorites and I probably won’t order them again.

Overall, however, the rest of my food was so good, it made up for the rangoons.

I will be dining at Fusion again soon, whether by Door Dash, or in person this time.

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