Royal Döner

The Dürüm Döner at Royal Döner in Auburn.

If you know me, then you know I love any type of food that reminds me of my time spent in Greece.

I recently discovered a new Turkish restaurant in downtown Auburn that had a familiar site: meat cooking on a vertical rotisserie. I knew as soon as I saw the cooking meat I had to try the restaurant.

I picked up my friend Emma this week, and we headed to Royal Döner to try something different for our weekly girls night dinner.

Royal Döner is hidden on College Street in Auburn, tucked between Eddies Calzones and Tacorita, but you can smell the delicious food from the sidewalk.

When we walked in to order, we noticed almost the all the menu items were in Turkish. Emma and I had no idea what anything was, but thankfully a picture accompanied each item, so we had an idea of what we were ordering.

The woman working was also very helpful. We asked multiple questions, pointing to pictures and asking what each item was. She also gave us suggestions based on what other people in the area tend to order.

Emma and I both decided to order the Dürüm Döner, which is kind of like a Greek gyro, but Turkish style.

The Dürüm Döner at Royal Döner came with freshly shaved rotisserie meat, fresh vegetables and a sauce similar to tzatziki. It is wrapped in a thin bread wrap as well.

The total came out to just about $9.

It didn’t take long for our food to come out and once we got our meal, we were not disappointed.

The vegetables inside the wrap look very fresh and the meat stuck out just enough to make your mouth water.

My first bite was very enjoyable, as was the rest of the entrée that I ate in a matter of minutes. Emma agreed that her meal was also delicious.

My only complaint is that the wrap just wasn’t enough food for me. I passed on the side of French fries that came with my meal. I wish Royal Döner offered other sides with the Dürüm Döner for those of us who are trying to be health conscious.

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