Kitchen 3810

Fried boneless chicken breast, mashed potatoes and gravy and mac-n-cheese from Kitchen 3810 in Opelika.

After the first bite, I was already planning my next trip.

Tomorrow sounds good.

This week I went to Kitchen 3810 in Opelika. Located along Pepperell Parkway, the restaurant’s food will remind you of your mom’s cooking (if your mom is a good cook that is).

When I walked in, there was a sign advertising the meat for the day’s special. The daily special is one meat, two sides, a drink and the choice of a roll or cornbread. Meatloaf was the meat for Wednesday, but there was also a list of meats under “Specials served every day.”

I could still get the two sides, drink and roll or cornbread, but I could also get fried chicken. Fried boneless chicken breast to be more specific. It’s hard for me to pass up fried chicken.

From the long list of side dishes, I choose mashed potatoes and gravy and mac-n-cheese. The cost of the everyday specials list, before tax, was $8.76. I thought that was pretty good.

I’m so glad I got the fried chicken. It was seriously legit. I saved some of it for later.

And my sides were also on point. If people were asked to raise their hands when their favorite dish was called out, my hands would go up for mashed potatoes and gravy. Kitchen 3810’s was  good.

Also, if you didn’t want to go with the specials, the menu has a number of other items.

You got the feeling that you were being welcomed into someone’s home at the restaurant, which was really nice. The staff was extremely friendly. And there some people that definitely seemed like regulars.

I noticed something else nice about Kitchen 3810. It also serves breakfast.

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