El Taco Veloz

Pictured, from left to right, are fish, chicken and barbacoa tacos from El Taco Veloz in Opelika.

If there would be a taco addicts anonymous group in Lee County, my friend Emma and I would be at the top of the list to join.

With that said, she and I could not pass up the opportunity to eat tacos on “Taco Tuesday” at El Taco Veloz in Opelika.

I stumbled upon the restaurant one day after seeing the parking lot packed with people at 2 p.m. for what I imagined was lunch.

Since I saw the parking lot that day, I knew I wanted to try El Taco Veloz and bring my trusty sidekick Emma.

We ended up getting there a little after 7:15 p.m., and there was a decent line that never really died down throughout the night.

When we got in line, we were overwhelmed with the numerous options to choose from but once we saw the 99-cent chicken and ground beef taco special for Tuesday, our decision to order tacos was solidified.

I decided to order a chicken taco, a fish taco and a barbacoa taco on corn tortillas. I also added a side of ground beef ‘Q dip’ because you can never go wrong with chips and queso.

My total came out to a little over $11, a bargain if you ask me.

Emma opted for a chicken taco, an al pastor taco and an Asada taco.

We grabbed a table in the covered porch area as we waited for our food. It took our food a little while to come out because a lot of people ordered take-out over the phone as well as through the delivery service Grub Hub.

However, once our food came out, we were not disappointed. All three tacos were laid perfectly in a to-go container with fresh chopped onions, cilantro and a couple of wedges of lime.

I tried my fish taco first and fell in love. It may have taken me all of a minute to eat the entire thing. My other two tacos were delicious as well, but they could have used a little sauce or cheese to spice them up a bit.

Now, I am a queso snob since I lived in Texas, and I have yet to find queso that meets my requirements for good queso, until now. This queso was to die for. It had just enough seasoning in it to make it perfect.

Emma also said her tacos were perfectly made, but some could have had a little something extra added to them. She also was quite jealous when I took the queso home with me for later because she couldn’t stop eating it.

Overall, El Taco Veloz is an incredible bargain for excellent authentic Mexican cuisine. You will definitely find me there again on any given Tuesday eating my weight in tacos.

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