Korean BBQ Chicken Skewer from Umami.

I never knew what Pacific Rim cuisine exactly was until I found an Auburn restaurant specializing in Pacific Rim food.

I stumbled upon Umami on my usual drive home from work because the restaurant’s sign faces Bent Creek Road. After wanting to try it after numerous drives past it, I decided to order take-out for my wild Friday night at home.

For those who do not know what Pacific Rim food is, think of all of the countries that border the Pacific Ocean. Pacific Rim food is a combination of cuisines from those countries.

Because there are so many different countries bordering the Pacific Ocean, there are more food options than you can imagine at Umami.

I struggled to decide. Did I want Pad Thai, or did I want ramen? Or maybe the Korean barbecue. As I said, there are so many options to choose from.

I ended up getting the Umami Chicken Lettuce Wrap and the Korean BBQ Chicken Skewer. I really wanted a bowl of Tonkotsu Ramen. However, Umami does not offer its ramen as an option to go.It was a major bummer.

For my two small plate items, my total came to $15, a rather fair price.

I struggled not opening my to-go boxes in the car because they smelled amazing.

Once I got home, I opened my boxes to be slightly disappointed. The chicken skewers looked amazing, but the lettuce wraps were underwhelming. I opted to try the chicken skewers first, and I was not disappointed.

They were cooked perfectly, and the Korean barbecue sauce was to die for. I wanted to lick the box clean when I was done.

I then moved to the lettuce wraps, which I had to construct myself because the chicken filling was in a separate container from the quarter head of iceberg lettuce I was given.

I was especially disappointed in the lettuce choice. I am not a huge fan of iceberg lettuce because of its lack of nutrients and being a self proclaimed health nut.

Despite the lackluster appearance, the wraps were excellent, well, at least the filling was. The chicken was cooked well and cut into bite-sized pieces. The vegetables mixed in with the chicken and the sauce were also great.

The only downside to the wraps was the lettuce.

Although I had mixed feelings about my order, I still enjoyed it. However, next time, I think I’ll eat at the restaurant and have myself a bowl of ramen.

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